Space-saving and innovative

Discover the possibilities offered by our steep incline conveying technology.

To ensure we can offer a space-saving solution for conveying materials even in difficult installation scenarios, we developed VHV´s cover belt conveyor and VHV´s double belt conveyor, which feature our patented conveying technology.

Both systems offer a wide range of options and advantages:

  • Clean
    thanks to scrapers on smooth belts

  • Unmixed
    Since no material deposits can accumulate

  • Space-saving
    No additional transfer points, Basement pits or roof structures

  • Continuous
    With no abrupt discharge system using buckets or pouches

  • Low-wear
    Since the material conveyed is set down and does not need to be scooped

  • Low follow-up costs
    Standard, commercially-available smooth belts are used. Neither buckets nor pouches are necessary.

  • Flexible line routing
    Since lines can be routed in a very wide range of configurations

  • Modular expansion
    VHV´s double and cover belt conveyors can be expanded with the following kinds of components:

    • Adjustable roller distances for clamp/seal systems
    • Stairs, walkways and platforms
    • Spillage return Systems
    • Delivery hoods, chutes, etc.
    • and much, much more…
Double belt conveyor
Cover belt conveyor