VHV scraper systems

Discover our scraper systems for cleaning smooth belts

To ensure optimal cleaning of smooth belts both for indoor and outdoor applications, our product portfolio also offers a range of VHV scraper systems.

Front segment scraper

Linear 45° scraper


Scraper plow

Talk to us to find out more about the ideal scraper system for your application.

Further ancillary equipment

Thanks to our modular design, we can equip our machines with a wide range of additional equipment.
These include

  • Catwalks, stairs and ladders

  • Hoppers for spillage

  • Rain covers

  • Chutes

  • Belt scales

  • Metal detectors

  • Magnet systems

  • Belt deflector units

  • Baffle plates

  • Impact mats and damping elements

  • Electrical accessories such as fill sensors or material flow controls

  • Synchro material distributors to ensure an even material stream

We are happy to advise you and help you select the equipment you need.