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The material transfer from the truck reveals the positive impacts of VHV’s FlatFeeder on the processes at your premises. Let’s begin with the most important aspect: The generously dimensioned top part of the feeder is able to take up an entire truckload of up to 22 m³, even if the discharge conveyor stands still, causing a reduction of the truck’s dwell time on your premises.

By using its rear axle the truck drives onto the partially passable grids until it reaches the stable brink wedge within the feeder’s top part and tilts the load. The narrowed attachment hopper enables a comfortable gateway. When moving forward, the truck is emptied in total and the material then slips through the grids onto the 3 m wide belt conveyor.

The metering capacity can be adjusted by means of both the conveying velocity and the thickness of layer between 40 and 400 m³/h. Short vibration impulses ensure that adhesive material remains are loosened and deviated effectively. This guarantees, even if the material is altered a lot, a nearly unmixed feeding.

Furthermore, VHV’s FlatFeeder is convincing due to its noise abatement and safety: thanks to the little drop height of the material, but also because the material is tilted onto the grid, this receiving station causes only little noise emission. Safety equipment according to the machinery directive is a matter of course, such as the finger protection at the return idler station.

View from brink wedge toward vibrating grid.
A narrowed attachment hopper allows a comfortable gateway for trucks by using the partially passable grids.
Passable vibrating grids in feeder’s top part.
Vibrating pulses at the passable grids loosen adhesive material remains and guarantee a nearly unmixed feeding.
One of the two drives of the vibrating grids. It is colored in orange/red and installed laterally at VHV’s FlatFeeder.
Drive for vibrating pulse.
View onto the conveyor belt that discharges the material in a regulated way.
The metering capacity can be adjusted by means of both the conveying velocity and the thickness of layer between 40 and 400 m³/h.
View from below onto the return idler including the finger protection.
Safety equipment according to the machinery directive, for instance the installation of a finger protection.
VHV FlatFeeder at a glance

VHV’s FlatFeeder offers a variety of advantages for your production flow, not only in concrete factories. Can you benefit from it as well?

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