Smart investment

An investment in an economic material transfer

You process sand, gravel, crushed rock or bulk freight with similar material characteristics? A basement including an underground bunker is not always the best way to receive material. From drainage issues to heavily used floors: there are many reasons why the construction of a basement jacks up the prices or bedevils the construction permit.

Our FlatFeeder offers you a cost-effective alternative to the underground hopper or complex receiving conveyors which are based on chain conveyors.

In order to optimize the material transfer from the truck, wheel loader or excavator, it is merely necessary to provide a pit or ramp with a height offset of 1.5 m only. This not only facilitates the assignation of a construction permit, but also lessens necessary concrete works. Since the elements are pre-assembled the assembly works and commissioning are fast to handle.

The portable construction method offers you the flexibility to move VHV’s FlatFeeder to a different location, meaning that you are fully independent from what your future production plans may look like.

View from above onto VHV’s FlatFeeder. In the foreground you can see the 3 m wide belt conveyor including both drives.
VHV’s FlatFeeder is both the receiving station and the belt conveyor for bulk freight with a grain size of up to 40 (60) mm.
View onto the feeder’s top part of the FlatFeeder. You can easily see that there is only a minimal height offset of 1.5 m.
You just need to design a height offset of 1.5 m for the material transfer.
A flatbed trailer transports the FlatFeeder as a whole.
It is feasible to transport VHV’s FlatFeeder completely assembled which lessens the assembly time on site.
VHV FlatFeeder at a glance

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