Great comfort

Robust and convincingly comfortable maintenance

In order to make you profit from the highest operational reliability, all component parts are designed to withstand the maximum capacity permanently. The belt conveyor and the little amount of expendable parts make VHV’s FlatFeeder low-maintenance.

Since the receiving station is completely installed above floor, all parts are easy to access and maintain. As a maintenance team you will surely appreciate low-maintenance as well as the clean material handling by utilizing a sliding discharge in the sealing area and scrapers for the belt cleaning.

As we use many standardized parts, such as idlers, spare parts are available on short notice. This reduces downtimes to a minimum and contributes to stable production processes.

One of our employees replaces a drive-in element.
Thanks to our modular design, the replacement of component parts is carried out quickly, if necessary.
One of VHV’s operators opens the second inspection door.
Easy access due to lateral inspection doors.
One of VHV’s operators looks inside the inspection opening in order to check the carrying idlers.
Check of carrying idlers.
Sliding discharge in sealing area.
Sliding discharge in sealing area in order to avoid a gap toward the sealing which occurs in case of a rolling discharge.
On the left you can see the scraper for the belt cleaning, responsible for the spillage to drop down onto the belt conveyor.
Scraper for the belt cleaning, hereby the spillage drops down onto the belt conveyor.
VHV FlatFeeder at a glance

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